About Stretching It Out

Our Story

Stretching It Out was created by Nicole Lewis-Jacobs after years of researching materials and designing artwork and being involved in sport her whole life. A mother of two children, active in sport from a very young age, and a past athlete who has represented Australia at numerous World Aerobics Championships, she decided with her love of fashion and fitness and seeing a need in the market for funky active wear she decided to embark on the journey with Stretching It Out. After making gym clothes and creating beautiful creations for herself and being involved in sport, health, fitness and education her whole life she is well aware of what women and girls want.  As a business woman, mother and entrepreneur, she is using all her knowledge for other avenues in life and it is paying off.

Her passion for designing sportswear and active wear came about through a love of design and a love of sport and this only grew stronger as she continued to receive positive feedback about her designs and some of her own creations that she wore as well as helping sporting clubs and organisations with their uniforms.

Our Designs

Stretching It Out active wear is designed, born and bred in Melbourne and Made in Australia for tween girls and ladies. The range consists of Crop Tops, Leggings, Singlets, Sleeveless Hoodies, Hot Pants, Shorts, Skorts, Headbands & Leotards etc. All the materials are cotton spandex or elastane lycra. The material has a two way stretch. Most of the material she has created has her own original artwork designs being put onto the lycra which try to depict things about Australia as well as being bright and colourful.

We are a brand designed to make an impact. The active wear designs are original, funky, colourful and creative demonstrating an Australian flair with materials depicting Reefs, Oceans, Sand swirls and mountains that represent the landscapes and different terrains of Australia. Most of the designs are original art pieces that have been created to represent the Australian lifestyle and been put on materials that have a silky smooth feel to them. Our materials are sourced in Australia and we are continuing to find good quality, stretchy fabrics that we can use in out Stretching It Out range and add our own creative flair onto the material.

The materials feel great and wearing the clothing and the active wear is very versatile for fashion, gym, yoga, pilates, tennis, golf,  every day wear or specific sports training or wearing it to have coffee and being a real fashionista.

Our Vision

There is nothing like Stretching It Out active wear around and we are proud to be Australian made and created in Melbourne. We hope people will support Australian Made products, Stretching It Out would relish the opportunity for women and girls around the word to wear our brand and support a proud Australian Made active wear brand.

Recently Stretching It Out was featured live on Channel 10’s ‘Studio 10’ national Television show on the catwalk in a segment parading the up and coming 2016 fashion trends by Henry Roth. Our active wear was featured on models and showcased on the runway. This is the highest rating National morning show in Australia and the label has definitely had some positive brand exposure. Stretching It Out has also been featured in Fashion Parades and charity events in 2015.

Stretching It Out is a proud start up business delivering unique artwork on our training gear. People feel great wearing it and the trend at the moment is wearing active wear for fashion. Stretching It Out is an up and coming active wear line that has had a huge positive response since launching in the second part of 2015. It has been showcased on the catwalk at Crown Palladium as well as in the newspaper.

We hope you like our site and follow our trends, blogs, Instagram and facebook. The online store is up and running and it will continue to be updated when clothing styles run out and be constantly updated with new apparel and designs. New garments will be featured and watch out for Stretching It Out sales and promotions at various times in the year. We would love where ever you are in the world to wear the Stretching It Out brand and hash tag us some where whether it be at the gym, yoga, pilates, doing fitness training, specific sports training, having coffee in the gear or just walking your dog. Stretching It Out would love to see you wearing our brand where ever you are in the world.

Health, fitness sport and fashion is close to Nicole’s heart and she looks forward to designing, showcasing & selling the Stretching it Out Active wear range to young women both here in Australia and around the world.

Active wear is the new fashion so let the journey begin!